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      Passion Burning in Autumn_The Second Two-New-Organization Sports Meet Organized

      Information Sources:信息員  Date of publication:2015-10-08
          In October 2015, the Second Two-New-Organization Sports Meet Organized by Luohu District Two-New-Organization Work Committee (Association of Industry and Commerce) kicked off at Xiantong Sports Park, with the theme of “promoting healthy sports and jointly creating a dynamic Luohu”. Lu Hanxiong, CCP secretary for the two-new organization work committee under the district CCP committee gave a speech at the opening ceremony, which was attended by the members of the committee and more than 300 two-new organization CCP members and employees. A total of more than 140 teams and over 500 athletes participated in the sports meet, which lasted two weeks and consisted of six major events such as basketball, badminton, Ping Pong, tug of war, mountain climbing, and fun activity. The opening ceremony was followed by the tug of war event. The 21 participating teams competed with each other, presenting the audience with exciting events and games. The Shuanghe team was highly competitive and showed a great performance through teamwork. From the sports meet, the team came to better understand its strengths and weaknesses and gained some valuable experience for similar future activities. More importantly, it demonstrated its courage, perseverance, and self-transcendence in striving against odds in teamwork. The sports meet increased the communication between the employees, greatly enhancing the solidarity of the company.