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      Shuanghe Wins Basketball Game Against Shuangli

      Information Sources:信息員  Date of publication:2012-04-15

          On April 15, an exciting friendly basketball game was played between Shuanghe and Shuangli at Xiantong Sports Park at Mount Wutong. Despite a drizzle, the Shuanghe team competed bravely on the rough court and finally beat Shuangli 78:58. 

          From this game the Shuanghe team obtained a better understanding of its strengths and weaknesses and valuable experience for similar future activities. More importantly, it demonstrated its courage, perseverance, and self-transcendence in striving against odds in teamwork. The game increased the communication between the employees, greatly enhancing the solidarity of the company.

          The success of the game was temporary, but the smiling faces of the team members were fixed in the camera frame, which is why we organize employee activities.
          May the Shuanghe basketball team get increasingly better and more and more basketball teams from other companies visit Shuanghe for friendly games so that we may grow together!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Administrative Department

      April 17, 2012