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      Leaders from National Bureau of Statistics and Shenzhen Bureau of Statistics Pay

      Information Sources:信息員  Date of publication:2015-03-24
          To implement the national work instructions for economic census, a survey team consisting of the heads of the statistics authorities at the national, Shenzhen, and Luohu levels paid a survey visit to Shenzhen Shuanghe on March 24.


       During their survey activity, the leaders of the survey team and Shuanghe Chairman Mr. Zhao Zhong made an in-depth exchange concerning the company’s 20 years of development, operations, strategy design, etc. The leaders spoke highly of the company’s standardized management and cooperation in national statistics and survey work.

      As one of the two organizations designated by Luohu District for the survey, Shuanghe was appreciative of the concern and care from the district leaders; it would, with the support of the relevant local government leaders and common efforts of all its employees, uphold the business philosophy of “integrity as the cornerstone, science and technology as the driving force, consistently serve the power industry”, and play its part for the development of China’s power grid industry.


      Compiled by Yuan Lihua