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      Welcome to the official website of Shenzhen Shuanghe Electric Co., Ltd.
      Your current location isHome> Newsroom>Company News
      ·Good News: Shuanghe Wins the Bid for Gui... 2015/11/13
      On October 21, 2015, Shuanghe won the bid for the “2015 Special Second Centralized Equipment Procurement (Level-Two, Second Batch) Bidding Project of Guangzhou Power Grid”.
      ·Passion Burning in Autumn_The Second Two... 2015/10/08
      In October 2015, the Second Two-New-Organization Sports Meet Organized by Luohu District Two-New-Organization Work Committee (Association of Industry and Commerce) kicked off at Xiantong Sports Park, with the theme of “promoting healthy sports and jo...
      ·Leaders from National Bureau of Statisti... 2015/03/24
      To implement the national work itructio for economic ceus, a survey team coisting of the heads of the statistics authorities at the national, Shenzhen, and Luohu levels paid a survey visit to Shenzhen Shuanghe on March 24. ...
      ·Shuanghe Wins Basketball Game Against Sh... 2012/04/15
      On April 15, an exciting friendly basketball game was played between Shuanghe and Shuangli at Xiantong Sports Park at Mount Wutong. Despite a drizzle, the Shuanghe team competed bravely on the rough court and finally beat Shuangli 78:58. ...
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