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      Welcome to the official website of Shenzhen Shuanghe Electric Co., Ltd.
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          Founded in 1993, Shenzhen Shuanghe Electrical Co., Ltd. is a national-level high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service of electric automation equipment.
          The company has five series of more than 20 products, such as the power fault recording and location device, traveling wave fault location device, grid clock synchronization device, time synchronization tester, power quality monitorin...




      Vision and Mission

      To become a top supplier of automation equipment and systems for the power industry

      Business Philosophy

      Integrity as the cornerstone, science and technology as the driving force, sustainable development, and co-development

      Core Values

      Career Value-- Committed to ordinary work but visionary

      Service Value--Customer first and consistency

      Innovation Value--Improving capability with knowledge, supporting innovation with capability, and benefiting society as an enterprise driven by innovation

      ●Management Value--Consistency between thinking and action, compliance with rules and regulations, result-oriented, and taking the big picture into consideration