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      ALUBOND A2 CoreFire Rated Mineral Core A2

      ALUBOND A2 Grade non-combustible Core

      One of the most valuable technologies in producing inorganic based non-combustible aluminum composite panels is that using very little organic material (less than 4%) to bond the majority of inorganic materials. This technology not only maintains the flexibility of A2 core material but also maintain sufficient density.

      A2 grade non-combustible aluminum composite panels are widely used in the applications of facade and industry applications. To achieve this effect, the products must have the long term performance of durability, weather resistance and no other major defects.

      Production Flow Chart for ALUBOND A2 Core

      ALUBOND A2 Core Parameters

      Product available
      Thickness3mm 6mm
      Width1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 2000mm(Special needs available)
      Lengtharound 300 meters per roll
      Colorwhite, or as customers' requirements