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      ALUBOND A2 Stainless (SCM)Skin:copper,stainless,zinc,titanium

      ALUBOND A2 Stainless SCM

      Traditionally, stainless steels 304 and 316 are widely used in interior and external application. Unfortunately,they are expensive, heavy and not easy to install. Then, Alubond SCM was developed, which is less costly,insusceptible to thermal distortion in the welding seam and shows a higher yield strength and lower tensile strength, lower elongation and lower work-hardening than stainless steel panel.

      The structure of Alubond SCM

      To provide a product with high rigidity, rich in bending processability, not generating
      crack and the peeling of a laminated portion in sharp bending processing and
      excellent in smoothness in a laminated composite panel wherein thin metal
      plates, especially, thin stainless steel plates are bonded to both surfaces
      of a non-combustible material used as a core material under special
      technology. Adhesive films are bonded to both surfaces of the
      core material and the whole is cooled and shrunk to be
      bonded from both surfaces under heating and pressure
      between preheated stainless steel plates and the obtained
      laminated composite panel is additionally heated to be
      gradually cooled.

      ALUBOND A2 SCM Parameters

      Product available
      Thickness3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
      Width1200mm (maximum)
      Length2440mm, 3200mm(Or according to Customer needs)
      Steel thickness0.3mm 0.4mm 0.5mm

      The advantage of Alubond SCM

      Excellent corrosion resistance:just as its name implies, stainless steel is not one kind of metal at all. With the increase of chromium (Cr) content to 20% and additional of 0-4% cupper (Cu), the atmospheric corrosion resistance is noticeable.

      Multiple surface designs:

      RiceWire DrawingPrinting

      Weight less: Alubond SCM 4mm is equivalent to stainless steel 2.9 mm thick in rigidity, and reduce the weight by 55%。

      Fire Safety: The core in the middle of the panel is non-combustible which can meet the standard of ASTM D1929, with the calorific value average in 2.5 MJ/MOL.

      Processing method:Compared with Aluminum composite panel, the processing method used in SCM is more advanced and have a stricker requirement for the uncoiler machine and unwinder machine because the tensile stress of stainless steel is 645 N/mm2, nearly five times stronger than aluminum coil.

      The specification of Alubond SCM:

      MethodUnitSCM 4mm
      Tensile strengthASTM E8MPa,N/mm284
      0.2% proof stressASTM E8MPa,N/mm269
      ElongationASTM E8%12.6
      Flexural elasticityASTM C393GPa,kN/mm270.6
      Flexural rigidityASTM C393KN.mm2/mm372
      Shear resistanceASTM D732MPa,N/mm255