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      ALUBOND FR ACPSurface coating:PVDF、FEVE、PE、Wooden、Marble

      Alubond FR(Fire Retardant)

      ALUBOND BRAND Fire Retardant Aluminum Composite Panel is a new kind of green building composite materials using advanced technology, whose surface is covered with high quality anticorrosive paint and refractory coating. After the process of fully melt plasticizing technology, the core becomes a special polymer modified material which uses fire retardant polyethylene resin added by several fire retardants as basis resin. The core is laminated and sandwiched between the aluminum sheets with polymer film. Coated with superior quality PVDF (Fluorocarbon, min 70%) or polyester resin, the Fire Retardant Aluminum Composite Panel can ensure durability, stability, corrosion and weather resistance.

      As a revolutionary and versatile new decorative building material, which is widely used in glass curtain walls of buildings and interior applications of panel and cladding, It offers one kind of possibility to be innovative, modern, beautiful, creative and practical in one design for a variety of applications, including panel for modern high- rise building which can satisfy every architect, engineer, contractor and building owner.

      Alubond FR Parameters

      Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Skin(Cover Sheets)                
      Tensile Strength of Aluminium Skin (Rm)≥ ε130
      0.2% Proof Stess(Rp 0.2)≥ ε90
      Elongation A50≥ ε5%
      Rigidity(EJ kNcm2/m)4mm=2400
      Modulas of Elasticity(N/mm2)70,000
      Linear Thermal Expansion2.4mm/m at 100℃ Temperature
      General Specifications                
      Pencil Hardness PVDF CoatingHB
      Impact Resistance (Ball Drop) 50kg/cmNo split after reverse impact test with cross cutting
      Humidity Resistance3000 hours, No Change or Blister
      Salt Spray Resistance5% Salt for 3000 hours, No Change or Blister
      Solvent Resistance200 times MEK, No Change
      Boiling Water Resistance100°C (+/-2°C) for 2 hours
      Cleaning Agent ResistanceIsopropyl Alcohol, Ethanol Absolute 46.7% No Change
      Oil ResistanceNo Trail
      Abrasive Resistance50 - 80 KTR, No  Crack
      Temperature  Resistance- 50°C to +80°C
      Coating Specifications & Tolerance
      Minor Surface Coating Flaws≤ 3/m2
      Color Variation Tolerance Solid Colors (PVDF, Polyester, FEVE)△≤4 from approved color
      Color Variation Tolerance Mettalic Colors (PVDF, Polyester, FEVE)△≤4 from approved color
      Color Variation Tolerance (Wooden/Granite PVDF Coating)△≤5 from approved color
      Gloss Range for PVDF20% - 45%
      Gloss Range for Polyester & FEVE30% - 90%
      Acceptable Gloss Reading Tolerance+/-10%
      T-Bending  for  Polyester Paint1T
      T-Bending for PVDF, NANO, FEVE2T
      Product Available
      Thickness4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm
      Width1220mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm, 1570mm, 2000mm (maximum)
      Lengthup to 6000 mm
      Aluminium thickness0.50mm
      Dimensional Tolerances
      Thickness±0.2 mm
      Width-0 / +4 mm
      Length(1000 - 4000 mm)-0 / +6 mm
      Length(4001 - 6000 mm)-0 / +10 mm