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      ALUBOND A2 Copper (CCM)Skin:copper,stainless,zinc,titanium

      ALUBOND Copper Composite Panel

      Introduction of copper composite panel

      Copper composite panel is composed of upper-surface copper, back-surface copper and the non-combustible core layer respectively connected with the high molecular adhesive film. The structure is copper – core – copper, which saves a lot of copper material than using solid copper panel. By contacting with air, the copper surface will gradually change into old copper, then green patina with the decorative effect more gorgeous and elegant. The surface is smooth and easy to be processed, which is mainly used for the decoration of the exterior wall of the building. 

      The widely use of copper in architecture

      The history of using copper in architecture dates back to 10000 years ago. As one of the nobal metal, copper has a better performance than other metal in physical. Some of the world's most distinguished modern architects have relied on copper. Examples include Frank Lloyd Wright, who specified copper materials in all of his building projects; Michael Graves, an AIA Gold Medalist who designed over 350 buildings worldwide; Renzo Piano, who designed pre-patinated clad copper for the NEMO-Metropolis Museum of Science in Amsterdam, etc.

      Copper Corrosion Resistance

      Copper corrosion diagram

      Different environmental corrsion

      CopperStainless SteelAluminum
      Embodied Energy(MJ/m2)103.3157.2115.4
      CO2 equivalent emissions(kg/m2)6.610.97.5
      Specific density(g/cm3)8.97.932.7

      Copper color image

      The psysical properties of copper

      Density8.9 g/cm3
      Melting point1083℃
      Specific thermal capacity at 20℃0.385kj(kg℃)
      Coefficient of linear expansion at 20-100℃16.8 × 106/℃
      Coefficient of linear expansion at 20-300℃17.7 × 106/℃
      Modulus of elasticity118 000 N/mm2
      Shear modulus44 000 N/mm2
      Electrical conductivity at 20℃ca 52 MS/m / ca 90 % IACS
      Thermal conductivity at 20℃ca 365 W/(m ℃)
      Resistivity at 20℃ca 20 nΩ m
      Temperature coefficient for resistance at 20℃0.00275 ℃
      Temperature coefficient for resistance at 0-100℃0.00354

      ALUBOND A2 CCM Parameters

      Product available
      Thickness3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
      Length2440mm, 3200mm(Or according to Customer needs)
      Copper thickness0.3mm to 0.6mm